Friday, 10 August 2012

Ollie And James And Betty Boop LOL

One thing you don't say to your Nana is awwww don't put that on your blog Nana!!!! lol This is my eldest grandson James with his partner in crime Ollie our cocker spaniel...he came to stay this weekend to help me cut down some branches off the trees in our garden because its affecting his grandads satellite signal and we cant have that can we???? Oh and then 'him indoors' says don't you dare put that pic of me on with Betty Boop and James LOL
So I think I have embarrassed them  enough dont you lol see you later huggles xxxx Oh I'm at crafty corner in South Shields tomorrow demonstrating the SplodgeAway Mat and Masks so wish me luck!!!!!!!! TFL


  1. Hi Sue ,fab photo's , your grandson is going to love his nan for posting.
    I followed your advice and bought the splodge mat in 12/12 with some paper too. I can only guess what it does, because there was no demo on the site , But bought it anyway.
    Hugs Elaine

  2. Hi Sue thanks for the you-tube tip Hugs Elaine


Thank You All For Your Lovely Comments huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxx