Monday, 15 October 2012

Sad Day Today :(

I'm so upset tonight my friend, crafting bud and SplodgeAway DT member Karen Wright has decided to leave the team. Karen has been an inspiration to me, everytime I've felt down because my mojo has up and went or my hubby has been ill or for other personal reasons she has always been there for me, usually with something from Greggs in tow :) and she has so much craft experience she can turn something so simple into something fantastic as she has shown time and time again with the samples she has made for shows for Tom or for things she has made for others. Karen has also taught and shown others that knew nothing about crafting, given her time freely and shared her knowledge because she loves it.
I know this isn't the end of her crafting she has done it for years and she will continue to do so but I will miss her being on the team. I will still look forward to our crafty days :) and of course we are planning a couple of trips to crafting fairs next year with our other good buddy Jayne. I kind of just wanted to say I think your great Karen Wright your a true friend, one of a kind and I lubs you very muchly as my grandson used to say LOL


karen said...

oh bless, now where those tissues i lubs you too xxx

jayneyd said...

Aw Sue I agree. I havent known u both for long but xe just clicked! Im sad Karen has left. . . She is a loss to the team. Hugz 2 u both. Love, jayne x x x x