Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Well Bliddy Boiler!!

Ok where's my blog buddy Jenny L hiding??? I need her to knit some socks, scarves and gloves for me hubby and the dog!! LOL  can't believe the boiler has decided to go kaput before Christmas and the earliest we can get a new one put in is Friday and I'm praying there's no mess :( silly me theres always mess!! oh well could have been worse at least the weather is quite mild and we have heaters, now where did I put that deoderant!!! LOL

Hope your all staying safe and warm and not too stressed out with all the upcoming festivities, I went and chilled out and made a couple of birthday cards today one I can't show because the person in question might see it lol but this Tilda one I can because it's for a family member that doesn't do technology, thought that was me??? Anyway enough waffling on here's my card TFL xxxxxxxxxxxxxx huggles and hope everyone is ok xxxx


CraftyKay said...

Cute image Jimbo and lovely vibrant colours. Boilers! dont you just love them and any other thing that decides to break right on Christmas. Keep warm and I just wouldnt bother washing it will give you a bit more time to craft! lolx

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue,
it's your fairy godmother Jenny just going to wave my magic wand and get that darn boiler done in a tick. Also sending socks gloves electric blankets, and anything else I can put my mitts on.lol.
Seriously so sorry to hear of your problems.
Your card is soooooooooo sweet and cute. I love it all.
I hope you do manage to keep warm though.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Craftychris said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear of your boiler problems - thank goodness it not too cold at the mo. Your card is so gorgeous! The recipient is very lucky indeed! xx

scrappymo! said...

So sweet...Nice to take a break from Xmas cards, isn't it!

Hope your boiler gets sorted...what a drag at Xmas time.

I am finally done for a couple of days now...but at the rate the baking is getting gobbled up. I will soon be baking shortbreads again.

Dh loves to take a container of shortbreads when he meets up with his buddies. A couple of them are divorced and live alone...needless to mention they don't bake shortbreads.

My supply is dwindling!!! teehee

scrappymo! said...

Thanks for commenting on Little Mr p's card...he is so proud of it.
Yesterday he was showing his Mum and when she told him how nice it was he said a bit sadly "No, it's not that nice...the nice ones go in little clear sleeves"!!! teehee
I will bring him a little sleeve for it tomorrow!

Sue - bearhouse said...

Your card is gorgeous Sue, I love the sweet image and beautiful sunny colours. Such fabulous detailing too.
I hope you get your boiler fixed okay without too much mess!!

Craftyhugs said...

Hi honey! I adore that magnolia image , you've coloured her in just perfect. A beautiful card! Your not the only one lol , my boiler has decided to pack up so we've been shivering for days in this freezing weather! We've only got a blow air heater too but hopefully it will get done before the weekend. It's always Christmas where everything goes wrong don't you think? Lol. Have a lovely Christmas ! Hugs xx

Carol Yates said...

Lovely card Sue, so sorry to hear about your boiler. You will have to make a variety of hot toddies to keep warm, then you can use the recipes on your cards and share them with us. We can all get bladdered together in order to support you! Seriously try to keep warm and keep crafting.

Christine Harrop said...

Lovely card Sue. Poor you, as if there isn't enough to worry about at this time. Hope it gets sorted out okay and with minimal mess and confusion! Love from Christine xx

jayneyd said...

Hope you get all sorted hun. Gorjus card...... LOVE it . Hugz xxxxxxxxx

Mary said...

Hello, I'm happy you found me...and now, I've found you too! Your card is lovely. I will be back often to see your lovely creations. Wishing you a Happy New year.

CraftyKay said...

Happy New Year Jimbo. Hope you are nice and warm now and in better health.x