Thursday, 31 January 2013

Quick Post

Just a quick visit today because my poor hubby has got gout! as if he doesn't have enough to put up with needing a new heart and possibly lungs he has to suffer this pain too :( and bless him he never moans, so Ollie went out with me for a good run and I've been fetching and carrying and doing ironing and some housework, so now I'm having a quiet sit down before I start the tea, wasn't going to show my cards now I have left the design team  but I did all the hard work so why not me thinks!,anyway hope all you lovely peeps are safe, warm and well wherever you are and lots of huggles to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Marie-Louise said...

These are all beautiful Sue. Sorry to hear your husband has gout - it is so very painful. Hopefully it settles down soon.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

All beautiful creations Sue ! I especially like the black & white one. Hope you husband feels better soon, my gosh that's a lot to deal with ! Take care, Shirleyx

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue,
fabulous cards so perfect and each very different and lovely.
I'm sorry to hear of your hubbies gout. I know that is very painful as my Dad had it a while ago and he couldn't put the weight on his foot because of the pain. I do hope it clears up soon.
You take care and try to take things easy if you can. Remember there is always tomorrow and the day after to do what you need to do.
i wish I lived near you at least I could take me old mate Ollie for his walkies for you.
Have a wonderful crafty evening.
Lots of crafty love, Fairy Godmother Jenny L.

CraftyKay said...

Lovely samples sue. My friend susan was asking about the working in the middle of your picture ( flowers are the music of the ground) and I said I would ask where the stamp is from? x

Sue - bearhouse said...

These are gorgeous Sue, beautiful designs and wonderful colours.
Sorry to hear about your hubby, I hope that he is feeling better really soon.
Take care
Hugs Sue

Planetsusie said...

What can I say Sue - these are lovely cards and you definitely should be showing them. That frame is a firm favourite of mine!

What do you think about me n Jenny L moving nearer to you - do you think you could cope??? Would Ollie cope! Methinks there would be too much laughing for anything to be done!

Big hugs Sue Pxxx

Carol Yates said...

These cards are gorgeous Sue. So sorry to hear about your husband's gout, I know it is painful, my late husband had it a couple of times over the years, and he couldn't bear the weight of the duvet over his foot. I hope he gets better soon. Look after yourself and don't go doing too much.

Craftychris said...

A wonderful array of your gorgeous makes! Sorry your hubby is not well - take care of him and yourself too!! I am so glad you decided to keep blogging - definitely the right decision! xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Well I'm VERY glad you DID show them to us. They are all so different, and all of them are BRILLIANT.

I hope your hubby's health improves soon. I understand gout is VERY painful.

Sarn xxx

Stamping in Pink said...

Sorry to hear DH has another health issue - it's blooming painful that is! It just doesn't seem fair at times hun.
That DT and their leader are blooming twits! These are lovely hun and they will miss your gorgeous creations. It's their loss and not yours. Hope you have a wee bit of time to craft, for yourself, this weekend hugs Karen x

pinky said...

What an array of gorgeousness Sue, of course you should show them. Poor Hubby, that sounds like a lot to cope with for both of you. Remember to look after yourself too Sue.

scrappymo! said...

Oh my goodness girl..you have been so productive...I am hanging my head in shame now!

These are all lovely but I have to say the last one is my personal favourite...I love my garden and when I was more mobile I used to do all the gardening.

Now poor DH (who doesn't really enjoy gardening) has to do everything...I sit on a bench and prune or deadhead but I am not a lot of help really. We are thinking of downsizing to a similar house...just a wee bit smaller but a much smaller garden...We would like all patio or interlock bricks and just a border of plants around the perimeter.

Sorry for rambling but my point was that although I can't garden I still enjoy making gardening themed cards and enjoy looking at those made by others! This is a lovely verse on your card.

susan ward said...

sue could you tell me where did you get the verse stamp from I think it is lovely x