Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Update from Millies Mam

Millies CT scan came back clear. Her consultant wanted it doing again on her head to make sure nothing was growing and wasn't caught on the last one she had after the seizures.

We have to wait 7 days for her bone marrow results, she was very brave in theatre she cried when the 'sleepy' milk went in but when I went to collect her she was very settled, her backs a little sore but she's a brave girl and not complained.

Today we started her feeding again, she's been on the pump all day and so far tolerated it. Were hoping to build the rate up over the next few days.

TPN will be reduced again today so all being well she should be allowed home tomorrow. But this all depends on the surgeons who haven't been to see her in days.
Hopefully they will come tomorrow and let us home for a few days.



cuilliesocks said...

Hi Sue and Millie-Rose's Mam, what a brave wee girl she is. Good news about the CT scan and that she can tolerate food now, hoping she gets home soon. All the best and Big Hugs for Millie-Rose and her family, Kate x

vicki said...

Hi sue oh what a brave beautiful girl she is amazing xxxx

Benzi said...

What a precious face and smile. So happy her scan came back clear.

Christine Harrop said...

Wonderful news. Hopw she is home soon! Christine xx

Sammy said...

Sending gentle hugs to the gorgeous, brave wee girl! Hoping she'll get to go home soon1 x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Sue
Thank you for the update. Good news so far and hopefully that will continue. Hope the little un gets home soon.
Ang x

Eliza said...

Sending you many hugs and prayers, thank you for updating, I do hope things improve for her and she is allowed home soon.

Hugs Eliza

MaryH said...

What a beautiful young lady, who sounds so awfully brave. I'm glad she did well, and hope all continues to be well for this very special young Miss. Give her a big hug from me. If I were there, I sure would! She deserves it, cause lots of bigger people wouldn't have been so courageous. TFS & Hugs

Marie-Louise said...

Such a beautiful and brave little girl. Hope she gets home soon.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Ahhh what a sweetheart, I hope she is home soon, xx

Carol Yates said...

Brave little thing, such a cutie. Hope she is home soon. God Bless.x

Anonymous said...

Bless little Millie-still has a smile :) I hope she can go home very soon-sending ots of hugs xx
Nessa xxx