Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Quick Post

Hi everyone! Just a really quick post Mrs A asked if I had any pics of Woody so I tried to take a couple to show you all how much he has grown. I apologise for not being around Paul has been under the weather and I can't believe how long it's taking my left wrist to heal :((( but I'm trying hard to get some craft on but it seems to have gone AWOL :((( anyway enough waffling here is a couple of pics..ignore the garden stuff I've left all over LOL

Take care huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Christine Harrop said...

Isn't he just gorgeous!!!!! Sorry to hear Paul is not well, and that your wrist is taking it's own sweet time to heal! I'm not doing much blogging- and when I do try Mr Mojo doesn't co-operate with me. Grrr!! Big hugs Christine xx

Craftychris said...

Lovely photos! Sorry Paul not well and your wrist is being slow getting better! Take good care of yourselves! xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Oh Woody is just so gorgeous, lovely piccies.
Sorry to hear that Paul isn't too well, I hope he picks up soon and your poor old wrist does seem to be taking it's time, but it will get better, just have to be patient, hugs Kate x

Sue said...

wonderful photos Sue... soon cute!
Sorry to hear Paul is under the weather and your wrist still giving you gip - ! Hope you both feel better soon.

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue me wonderful little blogging matey.
oh arn't they both soooooooooooooooo! darn cute.
My that woody has grown so much.
I see his lordship wouldn't oblige by looking at the camera. LOL.
So sorry to hear Paul is not well.
I do hope he is soon feeling much better, and as for you here's hoping that arm gets better soon too.
Love and biggest hugs from my house to yours.
Big sloppies for my Olliebobs, and Woody.
Lots of crafty love. Fairy Godmother Jenny L.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear that Paul is unwell Sue and that your wrist is still troubling you...wishing you both well. Ollie and Woody are such gorgeous boys. Con and his Girlfriend were house/dog sitting for a fortnight and Bella, the pup, came to pay us a visit. She is red cocker and is totally adorable. She is really subtle at "nicking" things, they sort of accidentally get into her mouth. Suzy was NOT impressed though!! xx

Mrs A. said...

Oh my Sue,
isn't he just the darn cutest ever butter wouldn't melt in my mouth!! Thanks for the photo shoot. Hope Paul will soon be feeling better and your arm is on the mend. Gotta keep those blobs coming!! hugs Mrs A.

Kathleen said...

Super cute.

Kath x

jimlynn said...

Sue, they're delightful and SO PRETTY! So sweet!
Hope you and Paul start mending soon. Know how frustrating that all is.

Patricia said...

Good morning Sue, Awww!! he is just soooo!! cute and growing fast.
Sending some (((((hugs)))) for both of you in hope they help
Patricia x

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing Woody....he has grown! What a cutie! Sending Paul healing thoughts and the same for you! BTW Mrs A had a great idea!

Pollard Carole said...

Oh Sue he's coming on so well he's lovely.Sorry Paul is not so good and your wrist still bothering you Take care both of you thinking about you love and hugs Carole x

Faith A said...

Lovely piccies of your doggies. Hope you both heal soon.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Sue
Sorry to hear Paul not feeling too good and that your wrist still isn't 100%.
You are both going through the wars.
Your boys look soooo cute. Woody is coming along a treat and Olliebobs is as handsome as ever.
You take care both.
Ang x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Ruff, Ruff! Bark! Yip! That's dog speak for looking good.