Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Happy Post

Hi all you wonderful peeps, sorry I haven't been around much these past couple of days but I had to have the flu jab because of being hubster's carer and it's the first time its really affected me so banging head, sore throat and lots of tissues used and the odd loving glance over at my dearest LOL...I'm feeling a lot better now thank goodness. Then this morning happy post! My lovely, amazing crafterteer matey Sue P sent me this lovely stand and this gorgeous get well card for Paul and a lovely letter :) she's one of the sweetest most caring people I know. I just need to borrow her hubby when I need my photo's doing of my cards because he is amazing with the camera LOL I would also like to say hi and welcome to my new followers, thanks so much for joining me on this mad journey! The weather is horrible today and has been all weekend you can tell Autumn is upon us now, we have had nothing but rain and gales. Anyway enough waffling from me I will get round to all your lovely blogs soon I promise TFL and lots of huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


MRS DUCK said...

Hi Sue
Funny card. Did make me laugh.
Always amazes me how a vaccine gives you a dose of the bloomin thing you're trying to avoid lol! Used to get a fever with my Typhoid jab until they changed it.
Hope you're feeling better.
Ang x

Sue said...

How kind of Sue to send your hubby that fab card and the card stand looks wonderful - will have to look out for one.
Sorry that the flu jab has made you feel so rotten, I hope you feel loads better soon.
sending you hugs
Sue xx

Rita said...

Sorry to hear the effects of the flu jab have made you unwell. I have heard of this before. Your card is lovely and the stand is fab. Take care. Hugs Rita xx

Karen Petitt said...

Am very jealous huni - I've seen those card holders on other blogs and always wondered what they are and where to get them. The after affects of the flu jab are always, for me, horrid lol! Thankfully they went quickly this time. Gorgeous card from Sue too, we are lucky to have some lovely blogging buddies. Keep warm, have a lemon and honey hot drink with a huge slug of brandy - it doesn't get rid of the cold symptons but does make it feel not so bad lol. Hugs huni xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Sue, sorry to hear of your reaction to the jab, I had the same thing the one and only time I took the jab, never had flu like it, I was told that the flu was already there and just waiting to come out, what a load of old tosh. Anyway I hope you feel better soon.

Great card and what a lovely friend, it made me laugh, hugs Kate x

Christine Harrop said...

Love the amusing card - and I'm sure Paul did too!! The card stand is great. Love and hugs from Christine xx

Planetsusie said...

So chuffed you liked it me little matey! Sorry about your symptoms - those injections were the bane of my life when I worked in the NHS - had to refuse to have one in the end!

Now that all three of you have been in the wars - things should be looking up eh!!!

Love and hugs Sue Pxxx

Sue said...

Love it totally love it! you lifted my spirits today I lubssssss you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue,
me wonderful little blogging matey.
Isn't Sue P just a fab gem of a blogging mate to send you such a lovely card and stand. It did make me smile, and I needed cheering up too, lots to take in about my eye operation today.
The down side is I have to spend 5 days with my head bent over a table with 10 minutes break each hour.
Don't know if I will be able to do that.
I am sooooooooo! glad you are feeling better now , my Dad always had a small bout of flue after his injections too. I ma very lucky as fa as that is concerned as I very rarely have a cold or flue.
Lots of love. Fairy Godmother Jenny L.

tilly's crafts said...

do hope that the effects of the flu jab have eased - and you're back to full crafting strength!
Kim x

Carol said...

Do hope you both feel better soon Sue. Carol x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Lovely card holder. Always good to get happy post instead of bills. Hope you feel better soon.

Sarah said...

What a lovely thing to get in the post and I bet the card made the hubster chuckle! Hope you feel better soon xx

Marie-Louise said...

Great card Sue. Hope you are feeling better.

aussie aNNie said...

Reminds me of my nursing training, bed pans, yuck....great card though...get well soon lol.xxx

Mrs A. said...

Only ever had the Flu jab once and that was one time too many. Another girl and I had it done at the same time and both ended up being off work with it. Hope your getting over the reaction now. Hugs Mrs a.

Anonymous said...

Aww sorry you are poorly sick :) Hope you feel better very soon.Whata fun card your friend sent-what a lovely thought :)
Nessa xx

Carol Yates said...

Hi Sue, hope you are feeling better now after your jab, I was considering having it this year, but I am not sure now! Take care.

scrappymo! said...

I have the same problems with photos...they can be ornery little devils at times! teehee

This is one fab card! Love that wicked look in her eye...She is one stubborn nurse! lol