Wednesday, 9 October 2013

HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would just like to thank my blogging friends that emailed me concerning the appeal I made for Millie. I was totally overwhelmed. Thanks to Maureen, Jenny, Sue P, Christine, Kate, Anne, Mrs Duck :) and Sammy who I believed has been so quick off the mark she has posted her cards already LOL. It's so heart warming to know that there are people out there willing to put their busy lives on hold for others and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Okay best get back to sorting mine out lol. I can't thank you enough lots of hugglesssssssssssssssss Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sammy said...

Yup, posted them off on the school run this afternoon. The postage was actually very reasonable, in case anyone was wondering, so don't let that stop you! It seems sending a single card is extremely expensive compared to sending a whole package of them.

Glad I could do a little something to help such a great cause. x

Sue said...

Thanksssssssssssssss so much Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Sue
Kate (Cuilliesocks) has passed on the address to me so I shall crack on tomorrow (been upto my armpits in chutney and pickles again today.
For info, a large letter (353mm x 250mm x 25mm) upto 250g is £1.20 first class and upto 500g is £1.60 as a general idea for you to run with.

Glad to help and will add a link from my blog

Best wishes
Ang x

Sue said...

Oh my thank you soooooooooooo much Ang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue,
me wonderful little blogging matey.
just sent you an email asking for the address to send mine to.
Didn't see you original message. How come I missed that.
Been looking after Ellie today and got really tired so had to have a nap before managing to blog.
Have a wonderful evening.
Lots of love. Fairy Godmother Jenny L.