Thursday, 31 October 2013

Millie-Rose Update

The lovely Millie-Rose wasn't stopping being ill from celebrating halloween, bless her :) Her parents want to thank everyone of you from the bottom of their hearts for sending money and all the beautiful cards as well, which have all been sold!!! Millie was home for a short while but she contracted an infection in her 'tube' so she had to go back in till it cleared up. So I will keep you all informed as to her progress and I want to thank everyone of you, you know who you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots and lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxx and Millie-Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sammy said...

Awww, I love her dress. Hope she gets over the infection soon!
As for the cards, how fantastic! So glad they helped. Will they be wanting more to sell, or was it a one-off thing? x

Asha said...

She looks adorable in that dress! Hope she's able to return home soon.
hugs, Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

Christine Harrop said...

Sweet little angel. Hope she is soon home. Christine xx

Rita said...

Hi Sue. What a little cutie. I hope things het brighter for her soon. Hugs Rita xxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue,
me wonderful little blogging matey.
Doesn't she look great in her Halloween costume. I do hope all goes well and she is soon home.
Here's hoping she makes a full recovery after her treatment, and hopefully that will be sooner than later. Wish I could wave my wand and make it so.
Thank you for letting us know.
Lots of crafty love. Fairy Godmother Jenny L.

Hettie said...

Aw Bless. I just wanna come up and give her a hug. She looks fabulous in her costume.
Wishing her all the best.

scrappymo! said...

What a little sweetie...she looks proud of her costume!

cuilliesocks said...

Aw, just look at her with her fab Halloween dress, what a wee cutie.
I'm so glad the cards helped, let us know if more is needed.
I do hope Millie-Rose gets better quickly and gets home soon.
Thanks for letting us know Sue, bigh hugs to you and Millie-Rose, Kate xx

Di said...

What a little sweetie in her Halloween outfit. Hoping Millie-Rose improves and is home quickly.

Hugs, Di xx

Carol Yates said...

Bless, hope she is home soon.

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Sue
Thanks so much for the update. Fingers crossed that the little lamb gets better soon. Was only too glad to help and as per Sammy, let us know if they want more sending in future.
Best wishes.
Ang x