Sunday, 8 September 2019

Update on 'the hubster'

Paul was transferred from intensive card and everything was looking up his first day was fine he managed to get up and walk with the physio and they had a pedal for him to use when he was sat in his chair and he managed that.
So next morning I got a call to go over and he didn't look well at all so they said he's being transferred back to intensive care his kidney function is down and they are going to put him back on dialysis. So I went over with them and he just looked awful so I was sent to the relatives room while they were putting him back on the machine and chatting to another woman about her husband and then more relatives came in..and one said Oh we've been sent in here there is an emergency and the crash team are working on someone...and I thought oh what a shame because a lovely Irishman had died the previous day 😞 little did I know until the Doctor came and asked to speak to me that it was Paul that was the 'emergency' his heart had stopped and he had been rushed back into theatre. I was totally numb ..couldn't speak and just sobbed. Anyway they found that he had 3 litres of blood that had leaked around his heart and it was compressing it so the poor thing has had his chest opened 3 times in total..so my family came to be with me while we waited for him to come back from theatre and now he is back on all the machines he was on when they first operated and back on the ventilator. So god willing this is his road to recovery because I don't think I have anymore tears left to cry and you feel so helpless but I know he's in the best place. 

I hope you are all well and thanks for your comments...lots of love and huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Prayers and hugs to you both x WakeyL

Daffodil Cards said...

OH! how awful for you Sue, just sitting and waiting is the worst. Please God this is the road to recovery now. He's in safe hands. Lots of prayers for you.
Faith x

jimlynn said...

Sue, I feel like crying right along with you! I'm so sorry he (and you!) had to go though all of that. Hopefully things will straighten out now and he'll be on the road to recovery. I know exactly what you're going through and even with family there with you, it's a very lonely and scary feeling. Sending you big hugs and healing thoughts and love.

cuilliesocks said...

Oh Sue what a scary time for you both, I do hope that Paul is indeed on the road to recovery now, Big Hugs to you, Kate x

Kathleen said...

Oh my dear Sue, how dreadful for you, life is really full of up's and downs for you at the moment. Fingers and everything crossed that this is his road to recovery. Glad that your Family came to give you some support.
Hope all goes well and your next post will be good news.
Kath x

Rita said...

Oh Sue how awful for both of you. Poor Paul having to go through that all over again. Kate brought me up to date with what was happening with Paul. I can just imagine how you were feeling at that terrible time. Sending Hugs Rita xxxx

Craftychris said...

Oh my goodness! Sending big hugs and positive vibes to you both along with lots of love. xxx

Sarah said...

You have been on my mind Sue. Sorry to hear he had another setback and hope by now that he is more stable. You are both in my prayers xx

cotnob said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Sue, you are both having such an awful time, my heart goes out to you. I hope things are improving now and Paul is on the road to recovery. Sending hugs.

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue,
oh my having been there earlier this year with Tony I can understand how you feeling.
You know I will be waving my Magic Wand frantically for you both.
Love and speedy get well wishes are winging there way to Paul.
Keep your spirits up Sue and lots of plenty hugs coming your way from me.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Sue, you've been on my heart and mind hunny and I just popped in tonight to leave you a lil' message of love and support. I'm hoping things have settled now and that hubby is stable and recovering well. Sending love and hugs hun, Wends xoxo