Monday, 23 May 2022

A Quick Card


A really quick card today because I can't sit long at my craft desk..I had a bit of scrap card with splodges on so I just added some Julie Hickey images and coloured them with my water colour pencils and that was it!

I've had the results of my x-ray and it was clear but I have bursitis which I've never heard of but it's something to do with the fluid filled sacs that cushion the joints..so I had an injection last Thursday but it hasn't worked so far so I'm back to the doctor's tomorrow to see what else can be done.

Anyhooooooo I shall toodle off and I hope you are all well..lots of huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


cuilliesocks said...

What a pretty card Sue, I love the flowers and their colours, lovely design.
Alistair has had this and it's very painful, he was told that it is also called housemaid's knee. I hope the doctor finds a remedy for you, Kate x

Chris said...

Your card is really pretty Sue, the floral stamps are gorgeous.
At least you know what is causing the pain now, I hope you get some relief very soon.

meg said...

Beautiful floral stamps in gorgeous colours Sue,pleased that you have a diagnosis and hope that they will find an effective treatment.

SarahR said...

Hi Sue, oh that is one super pretty card - wonderful colours and the flowers are so pretty!
Glad to hear that you have a name for what's causing you pain but not so good the treatment didn't work straight away. I hope whatever the Docs decide to do next works better.


Brenda said...

What a fun card Sue! I love how you did your flowers and the background is so cool looking...the whole card is cool looking! Oh bursitis....started with it in my 30's...not fun! Sorry to hear the injection hasn't worked for you. Maybe it needs more time? Or you need another one? I sure hope you find something to give you some relief. I can't remember what my doctor had me do. Had it in my shoulder on and off for years. Praying for relief for you! Huggles, Brenda