Tuesday 6 June 2023

Busy Day


It's been such a busy day today ...we had to be up bright and early to go to Freeman's hospital for 'the hubster' to have a check-up. His side has been really sore where his 'drive line' goes into his tummy from his machine and he's been hitting the ceiling every day when I have cleaned it...so off we went and two surgeons came and had a peek and a prod which he wasn't happy with bless him...but they said there was no infection thank goodness but I know that no matter how much I clean it and cover it over everyday they have said that bugs will never be eliminated ...so much stronger painkillers given and off we went.

We stopped off and had some lunch and I may have done some shopping LOL. He bought me 3 gorgeous tops and a really pretty dress. Then he said when we get home he's locking his wallet away for a few months!!! 

I have used a Janet Klein..Dee Dee image today for my card and used a stencil and some distress inks for the background a bit of the old doodling.  Our weather isn't nice at all and it looks to stay that way for at least a couple more days...I think I'll visit my Son in Liverpool they seem to be having it there hahaha...anyhoooooooo lots of huggles and take card xxxxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxx


meg said...

Hope Paul's New analgesia helps relieve his pain Sue,the k goodness there's no infection.A gorgeous fun card

Chris said...

Love your bright and beautiful card, amazing background , super fun image and sentiment and such wonderful vibrant colours.
Hope the new pain killers help Paul...not going to help the pain in his wallet though- it must be pretty empty by now!
Weather not great here either- we had a couple of warmer days but now back to the horrible cold wind- where IS our summer!!!

Janette said...

Your card is smashing Sue, makes me feel all happy :))
Sorry about your oh having pain like that, nothing worse, but really glad he got the wallet out again, poor lad can't have that much left in it now hahaha...
Our weather is still holding on here in Blackpool so I hope you get your back soon.
Take care.xxx

jimlynn said...

I'm sitting here giggling not only at your precious card - but also at the fact I just finished making a card with one of these crazy images! I love yours and all the doodling. I can probably relate to the sentiment too! LOL!
Hope the pain meds are helping your husband.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

I can go associate with that statement, what a wonderful and fun card Sue. Sorry to hear hubby is on painkillers again. Bless him he has been through the wars, hasn't he? Praying for some respite for him.
Faith x

Brenda said...

What a funny card Sue, I love the fun bright colors and that image just cracks me up. But it is the sentiment that really has me laughing because it is so true. LOL I am glad hubby didn't have an infection, but so sorry he is going through so much pain. That's never fun. How sweet of him to buy you some clothing, even if he wants to lock his wallet up. LOL What a sweetie pie! Sending prayers for less pain and huggles too, Brenda