Thursday 16 May 2024

We Are Truly Blessed!

 Hi everyone! and let me introduce you to our new Grandson! Baby Ethan weighing in at 8 lbs born on Tuesday 14th May at 5.32 am!

Here is his older Sister who is truly besotted with him!

Fast asleep at home by 12pm!

Take NOOOO notice of the old lady with the grey hair my profile photo was taken a longgggg time ago hahaha I am 69 this year!

and of course the very proud Grandad 

Well all safe and well and he's being an absolute gem during the night our daughter Lisa say's he cries like a kitten LOL ...have a lovely weekend and take care and lots of huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mrs.B said...

Hi, I don't get on here very often, so pleased I saw this - Congratulations to all the family, he's gorgeous.
Avril xx

Tracey T said...

Congratulations! He looks adorable xx

Chris said...

Blessed indeed! Congrats and big hugs to all of you- and bless him for being such a good boy at night. xxxxx

meg said...

Congratulations to all Sue,beautiful picd

LesleyG said...

Congratulations! Xxx

Janette said...

So happy for you all, big congrats Sue, he is so beautiful and so good to sleep through for mum. xx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful; your little grandson is here safe. Big hugs and wishes to all. WakeyL

Pat said...

Many congratulations to all the family Sue, he is so sweet and so is his sister, lovely photo's, have a good weekend.

Pat xx

cuilliesocks said...

Congratulations Sue to you and all your family, Ethan is just adorable, thanks for sharing your fabulous photos, Kat x

crafthappyann said...

aww, contgratulation to you all.

Liz said...

Congratulations to you all. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.
(My profile photo was taken a long time ago too. 🤣)
Liz xx