Thursday, 4 August 2022

The Knife Angel

 Hi everyone...I haven't a card to blog today but me and 'the hubster' went to see 'The Knife Angel' at Kirkleatham Hall which is near Redcar...It was truly amazing but also so sad I did get upset especially at it's face because it looks really sad. It weighs 3.5 ton and is 27 feet high and made up of 100,000 knives and machetes...and names of victims have been added to its wings. I don't know how anyone seeing the statue cannot be affected.

Afterwards we went to the cafe and had a gorgeous scone and a coffee..Woody had his x-ray and he has badly damaged a muscle in his hind leg so it's rest for him..no clue how we are going to stop him bouncing around though! but no walks for now and Ollie is just out on his own but he doesn't go mad he just ponders about sniffing lol which I guess you would at 14 years old!

Take care and lots of huggles xxxxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Janette said...

Oh Sue I had never heard of this beautiful statue before today. How amazing and yet, as you say, so sad.
Glad Woody is now sorted, good luck getting him to quiet down, I had a dog like that so can imagine.xx

Chris said...

Like Janette, I'd never heard of this statue, it IS amazing and very sad- I can quite see why you were upset.
It's good that you know what's wrong with Woody now- but I don't envy you trying to keep him quiet- good luck!!!

meg said...

A wonderful statue Sue,I felt compelled to read the story behind it,it's so sad for families who lost loved ones.Pleased to read that you know what's wrong with Woody,don't envy you the task of keeping him quiet

cuilliesocks said...

What an amazing statue, and what it stand for. The face is filled with the sadness of the terrible waste that knife crime causes. I'd never heard of it before.
Poor woody, I hope you can get the whirlwind to rest a bit, Kate x

cotnob said...

An amazing statue but as you say very moving.
Good luck with getting Woody to rest, that will be a real challenge!
Take care.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

SarahR said...

Hi Sue, had to comment - unlike the other ladies I had heard of this statue but not seen it in real life, only on the TV. I'd love to go see it and I do agree that it's so sad that it had to be made, I will never understand why people can do terrible things to other people.

Also sorry to hear Woody has properly hurt himself, I also wonder how you are going to keep him 'resting'! But I fully get the price of Vet treatments - we just had our cats yearly vaccinations done - it's £85 per cat x3!!! Then one of them needed three teeth removed another £300!!