Sunday 21 May 2023

Just Floating By

 Hi everyone hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather...this weekend has been really nice here. We went shopping yesterday and treat ourselves to some new clothes...I have lost weight and needed some smaller tops and I got a couple of nice dresses for the summer...and we had lunch and then did some food shopping. When it was cooler I took Ollie to the beach...he can't go on it right now because they restrict it during the summer month's ...but when I see all the rubbish people leave it sickens me ..doesn't take 5 minutes to pick your trash up! So we were on the grass and walked along and then went home...he's still missing Woody really badly and has taken to sleeping where he did. 

My image is Wryn from Tiddly Inks floating along and chilling out...I have lost my mojo a bit so I popped along to Pinterest and was inspired by one I saw on there but there was no name on so I can't give them a mention unfortunately.

We received some memorial things in the post yesterday with Woody's name on..one was a pebble with a rainbow on and the other was a grey slate heart shape with a poem on and his name. I'm making a patch of the garden in his memory and I've planted some Forget Me Not seeds in a wheelbarrow and put some lights around.

Well hope you are all okay...take care and lots of huggles xxxxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx


meg said...

How relaxing that looks,a fabulous beautifully coloured image Sue,I'm looking forward to getting out to do some clothes shopping for summer.When the forget me not seeds flower they'll me a wonderful reminder of Woody

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous card Sue, Pinterest is such a resource to perk up the mojo. Pleased to hear that you had a successful shopping trip, after all you've both been through you deserve a treat. They leave such a big hole behind and I am not surprised that Ollie is missing him :0( Having somewhere special in memory of them can be such a comfort. Last time we went to the Garden Centre I bought a rose to go on Surprise. I used to call her My Queen and found a rose called Amber Queen to plant in her memory. You are in my thoughts xx

Anonymous said...

Sweet card. Well done you on the clothes shopping trip; I tried but was not as successful (they always had the size above or below) Ah well. Great idea to have a little spot Woody. Don't some let the side down constantly either leaving their rubbish or not collecting their pet waste to spoil it for all. Take care.

Janette said...

Oh I wish I could shift some weight Sue, how lovely to go buy new cloths for the new 'you'.
The wheelbarrow idea sounds lovely, and I am so sorry Ollie is feeling sad about Woody, its a hard loss for all isn't it.

Your card is so pretty, very cute.
Take care.xx

Chris said...

Gorgeous card Sue, beautifully coloured and lovely summer vibes!
So pleased you had a good shopping trip, how lovely to need a smaller size (not jealous or anything :) It's a lovely idea to have a little memorial for Woody in your garden. Matilda's rosebush is flowering now, beautiful big blooms for my beautiful big girl, we never forget them.
Give poor Ollie a big hug from me- I hate to think of him being sad.
hugs xxx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Another gorgeous card Sue, yes a visit to Pinterest is a wonderful booster for ideas. We forget animals have feelings too. I'm so sorry Ollie is missing him so much. The memorials sound lovely. As for your clothes shopping, how lovely you have lost weight to be able to go and shop!
Wishing you well and hoping that things improve in all aspects soon.
Faith x

Pat said...

Super card Sue, love the image and the great colours. So glad you had a successful shopping trip and enjoyed yourself. Your memorial for Woody sounds lovely.

Pat xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Sue me wonderful little blogging friend.
I love your wonderful card and your super gorgeous design.
You have coloured her in perfectly too.
Love the colours and that swwet sun.
She looks so relaxed sat in that dingy.
Sounds lovely the memorial things for Woody.
Isn't it great to splash out on yourselves sometimes.
Well done on loosing some weight.
Lots of sloppies for Olliebobs.
Lots of crafty love and hugs your Fairy Godmother Jenny L. x

jimlynn said...

I wish I was this little girl right now! Just floating by and not a care in the world. Love your pretty card - and especially that big old sun too!